Everyone seems to be in Halloween spirit as supernatural thrillers take both of the top-spots this week. This is the second week that Twitter and Nielsen Ratings have published their official numbers and ‘The Walking Dead’ form AMC and ‘The Coven’ from FX are the clear winners of Twitter.
It seems that everyone was talking about The Walking Dead this weekend, with 65,925 impressions counted on Twitter from 570 authors, the Tweets reached 1,172 while the show aired. Very far behind that series was American Horror Story’s latest season, ‘The Coven’. FX’s popular horror-thriller clocked in with 24,986 impressions (just a fraction of The Walking Dead’) but 213 authors and 435 authors, was enough to take second place.
Third place went to Catfish: The TV Show, it’s first time in the top three, and fourth and fifth place went to the reality shows ‘The X Factor,’ and ‘The Voice’.As expected it was reality TV that rounded out the bottom 5, with the exception of Jimmy Kimmel Live and WWE wrestling, those two shows did manage to take the 6th and 8th place respectively.