Fans that are eagerly awaiting their new Xbox One console next month can get an early look at how the Friends functionality will work with the new device. Microsoft has released a series of videos that show the new Xbox One in action, the first video specifically dealing with how you will interact with you friends on the dashboard.
You can add over 1,000 friends, and if you have that many you are more popular than the editors here. Your Xbox 360 friends will be automatically imported from your Xbox 360 list, thanks to your profile. The new system has a lot of “Twitter-like” qualities, you can follow anyone you want online, and new features let you change privacy filters between friends or followers. It’s a nice touch when interacting with people you may enjoy playing with online, but don’t really know that well.
Assuming you open up the privacy filter you can see things like online status, achievements, or what your friend is currently playing online. The followers feature is a little more basic, this is more of a live-feed of what is currently happening online. Microsoft’s spokesman Hryb demoed the function above, the onscreen keyboard of the Xbox One also made an appearance in the video.
Once again it was achievements that became the center-point, as they are so popular with gamers. There will be two distinct types of achievements with the Xbox One. You will have time-based challenges and your regular completed achievements. The time-based challenges are similar to how they work in games, you will have a certain amount of days or hours to complete the task at hand, most of them requiring team-work. “Imagine, for example, a game releases a weekend objective that requires players to cumulatively secure an objective “X” number of times in a three day period. And every person who participates and helps build towards the challenge’s goals unlocks that Achievement and earns its reward,” explains Hryb in the video.
Although getting a launch-day console may be impossible at the moment, you can still pre-order from sites like Amazon and be added to the list to get one shipped to you the moment it arrives in the warehouse. You can check out console options, details, pricing and other options on the official store-page below.
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