Google has had a hard time keeping the new Nexus 5 underwraps this past week, a manual for the device was leaked online earlier this month, now a full-video showing the device has hit the internet as well. The seven-minute video shows what is believed to be Google’s next flagship handset, and has been making the rounds across the internet all weekend.
The video above was posted by Android Police, showing the features and body of the LG manufactured hardware and the a bit of the software. The phone of course isn’t verified and it won’t be if typical Google rules apply. The new flagship is expected to be announced next week, just ahead of Apple’s new October 25th press conference where the rival is expected to announce the new iPad 5.

It was Google Play that also stopped selling the Nexus 4 earlier this month, that is the largest indication that the next-generation device will arrive before the month is out.