If you are an avid Doctor Who fan, than few things could be better than finding more episodes to watch. There were nine episodes from the 1960s series that were missing from the BBC’s archives, but were recently found are now exclusively available for download on iTunes.
In total nine episodes, plus two others, were found and recently re-secured by the BBC. According to the Digital Journal, the episodes create two six-part stories: “The Enemy of the World” and “The Web of Fear.” Yes those numbers add up to 12, and I said 11 were found, the missing episode still is episode 3 from “The Web of Fear”. Eventually The BBC will restore that episode using what they do have and plan to release it as an audio for a DVD release. That won’t be ready until early 2014. Fans will be able to pick up the six episodes of “The Enemy of the World” will be available on DVD on Nov. 25.
You can buy all 11 episodes on iTunes below.
Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World – Doctor Who: The Classic Series, Doctor Who: The Web of Fear – Doctor Who: The Classic Series