MTV picks up Victoria Justice for Eye Candy, based on RL Stine Bestseller

Victoria Justice Hosts launch of H&M's new collection.R.L. Stine fans can look forward to ‘Eye Candy’ a new series from MTV that will feature Victoria Justice as a hacker. The series is based on RL Stine’s best-seller of the same name, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The new cyber-thriller will have a large fanbase from the start, R.L. Stine of course is the popular writer of the ‘Goosebumps’ series.
Justice’s character will be named Lindy, soon after she begins online dating, one of the men that she meets online becomes suspicious to Lindy. It just so happens that Lindy’s friends work as cyber-police who are currently on the hunt for a serial killer in Manhattan, and everything seems to point to Lindy’s date.
Fans were thrilled to be some of the first to hear of the news at NYCC this weekend, where the confirmation was made.
It won’t be long before Lindy and her crew take on uncovering the mysterious of these criminals and others like them in the world of cyberspace. The script was written by Emmy Grinwis and Jason Blum (from Paranormal Activity) will executive produce with director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen), both Yvonne Bernard and Beth Elise Hawk are also on board as EPs.
MTV programming president Susanne Daniels said, “Victoria Justice is exactly someone we want to be in business with. Not only does she resonate with our audience, she has a huge fan base and is extremely talented. We are very lucky to have her.”

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