Nick-Jonas-InsertIf you are a die-hard fan of the Jonas Brothers, then you might want to sit down for a minute. The pop-group have confirmed that they have canceled their upcoming tour, citing “creative differences” between the group’s members.
The Jonas Brothers, made up of the three siblings Joe, Kevin and Nick were already scheduled to begin their 19-date tour this Friday in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. As you can imagine canceling a tour so close to its beginning is a large marketing problem, and a serious indication that the bandmates might be ending the group’s run. Spokesman Jesse Derris confirmed the cancellation earlier this morning, fans that purchased tickets will still get a refund at the point of their purchase. Nick Jonas (shown on the right) recently appeared in an episode of Hawaii Five-O as he progresses his television career.
The popular Jersey group hit their high-notes in 2005, picking up a TV show and even a Grammy nomination. Their follow-up album came in 2009 but now it seems that may also be their last album under the Jonas Brothers’ brand.