Apple has sent out numerous invitations to the press for an event that is to take place on October 25, 2013. Of course the purpose of the event is being kept a secret, though the tech industry strongly expects that Apple will announce the iPad 5.
Usually before these events, tons of images hit the internet, most form the actual hardware manufacturers that are building the frames and components of the Apple devices. This time Sonny Dickson, a popular blogger, released a few very interesting pictures of the reported device. The high-res images show the contrast between the iPad and previous generations.
The new iPad 5 should be slimmer, have a Retina Display, and will come in Space Grey (The iPhone 5s was recently released in Space Grey as well). As of right now the images are unconfirmed, thought they do seem to be the most likely-to-be-real of the leaked images so far. The new iPad 5 and possibly the iPad Mini 2 will be be revealed during the Apple press event on October 22nd.