Watching the two-minute teaser trailer from the original 1976 screening of Star Wars, it’s hard to imagine a world that didn’t yet have a Star Wars in it. You might be filled with excitement and nostalgia, but it’s a far cry from the high-octane movie trailers of today. We aren’t saying that the trailer still isn’t great to view, it’s heavily narrated and filled with the classic scenes of the original movie.
Our older readers might even remember where they were when they first saw the trailer for the film, or the film itself. As a younger/ish editor, I grew up on Star Wars from Bootlegged VHS tapes until I had them memorized line-by-line.
All of the classic characters are accounted for; Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader and the gang, along with the locations we have come to love from a galaxy far, far away.