Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer to offer a curved-screen smartphone, though it’s only being introduced locally in Korea. It’s called the ‘Samsung Galaxy Round’ and it was introduced in the early morning hours on Wednesday.
The screen isn’t as ’round’ as the name implies, more curved. The phone was designed to fit in the natural curve of your hand, and tilts upwards when lying flat. The smartphone comes equipped with a 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED screen. The curved screen does answer the ongoing problem of screen-sizes, the gentle curve allows the 5.7″ screen to fit in smaller hands, a possible solution to the growing desire smartphone consumers have for bigger screens, but avoiding the awkwardness of carrying around such devices.
Pressing down on the curved base when the phone is lying ‘flat’ on a table, will allow you a quick glance at the time and date, your battery life, or your missed calls. Left and right on the base will allow you to change music tracks, and there is even a mechanic to flick through pictures. Other hardware upgrades that the phone features include a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM, a very impressive 13-megapixel camera, and it is running on the latest version of Android.
As of right now the phone is only available in Korea, it will ship in “luxury brown.”