Taylor-Swift-InsertTaylor Swift has just set a new songwriting record, the Nashville Songwriters Association International has confirmed that the country and pop princess has been named songwriter/artist of the year.
That alone won’t break any records, but Swift has won this award six times including this last win, that beats the five-time winning artists Vince Gill and Alan Jackson, two of country music’s most successful performers. To make the grade in the Nashville Songwriters Association International you first have to have a Top 30 Single under your belt, not a problem for Swift who has 14 Top 30 songs from July 12, 2012 through June 13, 2013 alone.
If you live, or are visiting, the beautiful city of Nashville head over to the Taylor Swift Education Center opening this Saturday at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The center was named after Swift after she donated an astounding $4 million to the center and its continued works.