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Toon Hero aims to help kids animate with Valve’s Portal 2 characters

Trigger Happy, the same team that brought you Toon Hero, has announce a deal with Valve that will allow characters and assets from Valve’s popular Portal 2 franchise to hit the iPad creation app. Starting this week, P-Body from Portal 2’s multiplayer mod, “will be available for fans to download, animate, and tell stories with on the Toon Hero platform.” The interactive iPad app allows users of all ages to create their own animated stories using world famous characters, without any training or artistic ability.
According to the official release, “Trigger Happy’s partnership with Valve signifies the first gaming software company to license its property to an app that allows fans to animate and create their own stories. People of all ages can share their creations as status updates, stories, jokes, greetings and more.”
“This is the first time a popular animated character from a video game has been put in the hands of fans,” says Shona Grundy, CEO of Trigger Happy. “Our company continues to push the limits of animation by giving people of all ages the ability to take their favorite animated characters, from any animated environment, and tell the stories they want to tell.”
“The Portal community is always creating and expanding the fictional world of Aperture,” says Arsenio Navarro from Valve Corporation. “Toon Hero invites all test subjects to experiment with Portal 2 characters and environments via a leading mobile story telling app.”
Additional backgrounds and other characters from Portal 2 will be added to the Toon Hero platform later this year. P-Body, will be available in the Toon Hero digital toystore starting at .99 cents. Other exclusive characters and properties that are already available include: The Jim Henson Company, Hero: 108, Mukpuddy, and National Geographic among others.
Toon Hero is available in 14 different languages and free to download from the App Store on iPad or on itunes below.
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