Find Nemo fans can rest assured that Gill will once again help out Dory in the Pixar films’ highly anticipated Finding Nemo sequel. The new animated adventure, named Finding Dory, just began production this past fall and Dafoe seems to have high hopes for the follow-up.
Dafoe spoke with Total Film recently stating, “It’s even better than the first. It’s fantastic. It’s good to say I think it’s going to be better than the first; that’s good advertising!” The full story of the film is being closely guarded, though as of now we know that Ellen DeGeneres’ Pacific regal blue tang, Dory will take center-stage as the group helps her find her lost family.
Also coming back for the film are Albert Brooks as the clownfish Marlin, Nemo and the rest of the tank-gang from the original film. and Gill’s fellow “Tank Gang” members. Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy will take in the roles of Dory’s mother and father. “It’s difficult to repeat a success and so many years afterwards, but it’s really cool,” Dafoe told the site, adding “I’ve done one session so far and I just am going to have such a good time.”
Fans can watch Finding Dory when it hits theaters on June 17, 2016.