Kevin-Rahm-InsertMost fans of Kevin Rahm know him best from his role on the hit series ‘Mad Men’, but the television actor is headed to the big screen with Jake Gyllenhaal in the indie-flick ‘Nightcrawler’. The movie is set to star Gyllenhaal and Bill Paxton, and will be directed by Dan Gilroy.
In the film audiences will follow Gyllenhaal as a freelancing crime-journalist, one who scours the evening hours reporting on crimes, with Rahm playing the role of a news channel editor that works closely with Gyllenhaal.
Set to produce the film are Tony Gilroy, Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Fox, alongside Michel Litvak and David Lancaster under Bold Films. Rahm of course will also return to Mad Men next season. More details on the casting and production schedule will be released as the film moves further along in principal photography.