This year’s comic-con was filled with Godzilla fans, as Legendary Pictures debuted the first footage, and images of the colossal beast. The new teaser trailer for the film was released earlier this morning, featuring a Godzilla that is bigger than ever. As of right now the film is set with a May 16th release date, putting it in 2014 but away from other larger films that are already scheduled. This installment to the Godzilla franchise was directed by Gareth Edwards.

The Godzilla spectacle will be released in both 3D and 2D, you can expect an IMAX version to be very popular in the future. The director hasn’t gone on record saying if it was shot in native 3D, it may just converted in post. We will know more as the film moves further along in production and details are released. 1998 saw the last Godzilla film, and it performed moderately well, this film hopes to rekindle the creature-based horror fans need for epic battles against titan monsters.