Kiefer-Sutherland-Profile-InsertJack Bauer has always been a world-traveler, but this time the series will take him to London. The new limited-series from FOX named ’24: Live Another Day,’ will once again star Kiefer Sutherland starrer, and will be shot on location in London. The network made the official announcement earlier this week. As you may recall, Bauer was last seen on lamb, a fugitive himself. The new series, which is expected to air in Summer 2014, will meet up with Jack four-years after those events.
The new series will only be a limited engagement, adding 12 episodes to the Jack Bauer saga. THough it is named ’24’ it won’t be one-day, it will take place over just 12. Assumably the 12 hours will each be represented in a single episode. This will be the first segment of “24″ since the show wrapped production in 2010. The initial run lasted eight season, and won multiple Emmys during its airing.
More information on the story, returning characters, cast and other details will be made public as the show gets further along in production.