Best Buy is charging ahead in iPhone 5C promotions, just two-weeks after the new iPhone was released to the market, it’s getting a price-cut. This most has to do with sheer number of outlets that now sell iPhones. You can pick them up at Walmarts, Amazon, all three national carriers, and more second-tier retailers that we could list.
All of this competition is great for the consumer though, and if you are looking to pick up a new phone (on a new contract) then Best Buy is the place to be. Now until Sunday, customer that purchase an iPhone 5C will get a $50 gift card, that they then can use right away for an iPhone 5C. It’s an odd promotion, but in the end you get an iPhone 5C, that day, for only $50 (reg. $99). ABC News reported the deal yesterday (Thursday).
Sprint is offering a deal that you can sign up with them and they will waive the $99 purchase price with an agreement, but if you don’t want to go with Sprint this is the next best choice. The 5C is hard to pick-up online for promotions, you will have to go into a Best Buy to pick up this particular deal. If you were hoping to grab one of the new colorful iPhones then now is your chance (until Sunday).