Users that rely on the password management service ‘1Password’ will find a new update in the Apple Mac Store that will usher in a host of new features and updates. The company, Agile Bits, has just released the latest version of the popular software (v4).
The new 1Password for OS X highlights more than 90 new features released with the update. A few of the standout new items on the list are the ability to share password vaults, synch over Wi-Fi and a new 256-bit authenticated encryption.
The UI for the app was already a clean, easy to use interface. This was one of the reasons the application became one of the most trusted, and highly used password managers on the market, but even that UI got an update. The update was released prior to this fall’s upcoming OS X Mavericks release. Using multiple vaults, customers can choose which ones they would like to share (for example only sharing your video-streaming sites with family, or your bank account info with your spouse). Chosen vaults can be sent via email or iMessage if you choose to do so.
The application also received a security update, the most notable being the 256-bit authenticated encryption, done with almost every bit of the application now. across almost every piece of information in the app. The application already supported iCloud sync, but now customers can use the Wi-Fi Sync option skipping the cloud altogether if they choose to do so.
The menubar has added features as well, allowing customers to quickly and easily search through vaults, change to another vault, or create a new password. The application also supports new browser extensions, adding the Opera browser, and the Mac app now works with new third-party applications.
If you currently use the software, the upgrade is free and an update should be waiting for you in the Mac Apple Store. For a limited time, new users can save $10 off the MSRP of $49.99 from the Mac App Store below.
It really is a terrific application, one that makes password management a breeze, and the added security and updated features only make it that much easier to use. It’s saved me from a few password resets more times than I can remember. There is a Mac version, iPhone version and iPad version of the software.
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