Tom-Clancy-InsertIt has been confirmed from multiple sources, including Clancy’s longtime publisher, that the best-selling author has passed-away at age 66. Tom Clancy is known for so many great works, his novels have inspired movies, games, sequels and franchises.
It was The New York Times’ Julie Boseman that first made the report earlier today. Clancy was best known for his thrilling novels, often times mixing political intrigue with gripping action sequences. Clancy’s ability to describe, and often times explain, the complex military tactics, weapons and rank-file of today’s military (while still keeping the story exciting) was one of the best in the industry.
Tom Clancy was the man behind Jack Ryan, films like The Hunt for Red October and video games like Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell will have his characters immortalized forever. His cause of death was not announced at this time.