If you had a PC in 1995 then odds are you played ‘Hover!’, an incredibly addictive title that came preinstalled on Windows 95 PCs. In its heyday the game was a marvel of multimedia gaming, combining a CTF theme and hovercar design that could easily drain hours from your workday.
Well the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft has brought it back to life, and it looks better than ever. The game is still a blast to play (and it should still invoke some fine memories of 3.5″ disks, dial-up modems and Reality Bites.
The game has been redesigned, now with 3D graphics and a browser-based layout that will allow a multiplayer option in IE11. If you still need more retro-engineering, then use the code “Bambi” (your browser will hit a time warp back to the Windows 95 desktop so you can really see how far things have come).
Microsoft released this statement on the game earlier this week for us, “With its increased performance, touch capabilities and support for modern web standards like WebGL, Internet Explorer 11 is the perfect platform for Hover. IE11 fast, fluid and perfect for touch. It is 30% faster than other browsers, according to a recent SunSpider benchmark test. Couple that with the fact that IE11 uses hardware acceleration to deliver fast performance, and you have a web game that feels like a native app.
Like the original version, Hover works with a keyboard – but it’s even more exciting with the touch controls we’ve added, especially on a tablet running Windows 8.1. IE11 was designed from the ground up for touch – giving it extremely accurate touch responsiveness and optimization and providing you with a fluid and immersive experience. Its stick to your finger responsiveness makes touch fast and easy to use, making the game even more fun to play!
IE11 supports modern web standards, including WebGL, which allowed us to update Hover’s graphics to 3D on the web. You’ll see Hover in a whole new way – with flashes of ‘90s nostalgia from the original game if you look for them… And while Hover works best in IE, it will run in any modern browser.”
more info and game: http://hover.ie/