The moment has finally arrived, customers that are interested in making a full upgrade from a previous version of Windows can now pre-order Windows 8.1 from the official Microsoft Store Online. This will be for customers who are running Windows 7 and lower, current Windows 8 users can upgrade for free via a software update upon release.
If you are running Windows 7 then everything will migrate quite easily with your installation of Windows 8.1. Microsoft states, “If customers are running Windows Vista or earlier, they can qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro by pre ordering Windows 8 Pro now.”
The pricing for the two options are, Windows 8.1 for $119, and Windows 8.1 $199. This is a full upgrade to Windows 8, including the new 8.1 update. If you are not running Windows 8 at this time, and would like to, then this is the software you should be looking at.
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