Now that the current-gen version of Madden 25 is out and behind us, we can all turn our attention to the upcoming PS4 and XBox One versions, both set to be launch day releases.
The video above showcases not only the graphical enhancements (up to 10 times the visual detail and four times the resolution), but also improvements to player models, animation, and more:
“The increased horsepower of new consoles and the opportunities afforded by EA SPORTS IGNITE don’t just improve player models, but also extend into all elements of the game. Players will wear the signs of their on-field battle, with mud, paint and more smeared all over their jerseys and bodies thanks to new field and uniform degradation. Uncompressed animations on the field and on the sideline make every movement more powerful and 56% more pixels in every frame means unparalleled detail in everything from each uniform stitch to every blade of grass. Furthermore, enhanced lighting for every time of day makes every game look great no matter what time you’re playing.”
Madden 25 will release for PS4 on November 12th, 2013, and the Xbox One on November 19th, 2013.