Fans will of course be heartbroken when the season finale of Breaking Bad airs on AMC, but it won’t be the very end of the drama. AMC and Sony Pictures TV have officially announced that a new “Breaking Bad” spinoff is coming to TV called “Better Call Saul.”
It will be a prequel to “Breaking Bad” and it will focus on Saul Goodman, or the attorney of Walter White in the current series. A prequel will allow any and all characters to come back in the new spinoff but it’s too soon to start naming names. As of right now Bob Odenkirk, Goodman, will play the same role in the spinoff, and Peter Gould spearheading the project.
Sony Pictures TV is the same studio that brought you “Breaking Bad,” and Vince Gilligan will once again be working on the new series. The end is near for ‘Breaking Bad’ though, the series finale is set air on September 29, 2013 on AMC.