Diablo III has finally launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and that means a whole new swarm of dungeon crawlers will be seeking out the best loot and the best techniques to up their game. Since the game re-launched we wanted to take a look back at the newly released Diablo III Limited Edition Strategy Guide from Brady-Games.
We wanted to go with the official Limited Edition Strategy Guide for our review, since we tend to love the extras to display around the office. In this case you get the Sculptured Metal Bookmark, showing off the Lord of Darkness in all his glory. Hardcovers are always so much better to display as well, there’s just something authentic to hardcover books, something traditional that I’ve always enjoyed. Now if you are a mobile gamer, a paperback version would probably be easier to carry around (not to mention lighter).
As for the other extras the exclusive art section takes armor exploration to another level. Readers can trace the history of armor sets found in the game from their initial concept, all the way to their final execution for use within the game. I’ve always enjoyed following concept art, it’s always interesting to see how the initial concept has to be reworked (sometimes minor, sometimes major) until we see the final design in our games. The hand-drawn images show beautiful sets of armor in amazing detail, and its just amazing to witness the creativity and passion that goes into some of the pieces.
Strategy Guides are not just beautiful works of art, they need to be functional, and BradyGames has always been one of the best publishers for such books. This LE has a complete Quest Guide, it includes all four acts that you will have to endure within the game. The edition also covers every quest in the game as well, in exacting detail. One of the greatest features I enjoyed were the 3D Town Maps, it was just a terrific addition and one that I really appreciated. The inclusion of the exclusive Dungeon Tile Tactics was an awesome bonus however.
So if you have played any Diablo game in the past, you know the importance of picking the right class, and how taxing it can be to maximize that class to match your own personal gaming style. BradyGames has thought of that as well, adding every detail that you will need on all 5 classes. On top of that, you get a complete list of all of the active and passive skills for each Hero that you can choose. On the flipside of the heroes are the enemies. You can check out any creature, and there are too many to count, that you can encounter in the game. You will get all of their critical stats and each one comes with images and detailed descriptions.
Let’s talk about loot, it’s one of the best things in the game and the single reason that you crawl through so many levels. This is the core of the book and fans will not be let down when combing through the pages and checking out what is available to their class. Inside the book you will find the entire list of weapons, armor, and accessories. Not just the regular or rare items, you will also get detailed stats and information on the hardest items to find, the Legendary items. If you prefer crafting to looting, then you are in luck. There is a complete crafting guide to not only get you started, but to guide you through all of the crafting obstacles and challenges that you will face.
The story of Diablo III is quite good, but eventually all stories must come to end. This is when your endgame quests & bonuses come in. There is a ton to do once you have leveled up and beat the game, and the book will make sure that you won’t miss a single event or trial. This includes details on the Nephalem Valor, Paragon Levels, and other end-game moments that you will want to experience.
Brady games has always created fantastic strategy guides, and the Diablo III strategy guide is no exception. The franchise means so much to so many people and this edition gives you the chance to go further into the game; to explore everything that the developers created without missing a single beat.
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more info and images can be found: amazon/diablo3LEguide