So there have been a lot of changes to Microsoft’s used-game, account sharing, and other tid-bits of the original user-agreement that were announced at the big Xbox reveal. Many of those changes were the direct result of customer, and fans’ feedback after learning of Microsoft’s once rigid policy on these matters.
So much has changed that Microsoft seems to understand that some customers may still be confused on the matter and have created this very useful infographic to get things straightened out. We’ve added the infographic below, but just to make sure that everything is clear, we will go over the basics. So you should know that anyone can buy games digitally from Xbox Live, or the old-fashioned retail disc way, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.
Trading games, yes you can “trade, rent, sell, gift or loan any game disc” that’s a direct quote from Microsoft, it will be the same policy that you have for your Xbox 360, if you have one now. A small change is that downloaded games can begin playing even before they are finished downloading, saving you time in the process.
There is no “always-on”, customers can play games online or offline (obviously multiplayer games usually require you to be online though). As Microsoft states, “You can check your favorite team’s score on Live TV, answer a call with Skype or go to grab snacks while in the midst of battle. With Xbox One – you can suspend and resume gameplay instantly.”
Here’s the infographic, we explained more at the bottom.
Customers will have the feature to sign into ANY Xbox One, and “instantly access your personal profile, downloadable games, preferences and favorites.” Even if you are at a friends house.
Now Home Gold should be explained, “anyone in your family can access top Xbox Live Gold benefits on your Xbox One, such as multi-player and entertainment apps.” It’s a great money-saving feature for larger families.
If you are looking to pre-order an Xbox One, things are getting a little tougher. Most online retailers have stopped taking pre-orders, and supply is all but certain to be gone before the holiday. There are two great places that you can still pre-order, one is from the Microsoft Online store and the other is Amazon. You can check prices, availability, bundles and features on the official site below.
more info: microsoft, amazon/xboxone