Vimeo revealed a few new upgrades to the company’s direct distribution platform, Vimeo On Demand, available to any Vimeo PRO member. The new features bring more versatility to the platform and improve the toolset that empowers creators to sell original film and video work on their own terms.
The Upgrades Include:

  • + Rent and Own Pricing Options: Creators can offer viewers the ability to rent (stream) or buy (download) content at separate prices.
  • + Preorder Availability: All Vimeo On Demand sellers can build buzz and drive advanced sales by making content available for preorder.
  • + Promo Code Generator: Filmmakers can create promo codes that enable viewers to access work at no cost; codes can be sent to press or other partners and used immediately in the improved Vimeo On Demand checkout.
  • + Advanced Statistics: Sellers now get more information about their works, including trailer plays, paid video plays, and additional revenue details. In addition, Vimeo On Demand stats are now rolled into a PRO member’s Advanced Stats, which makes them more accessible and easier to understand.

“Vimeo On Demand is constantly evolving to give creators the power to sell their work on their own terms, while enabling viewers to discover and consume high-quality content in the best way possible,” said Vimeo’s President, Dae Mellencamp. “The new features added today put more control in creators’ hands and give audiences more options to view amazing work.”
Vimeo On Demand gives filmmakers the ability to sell their work directly to viewers with unprecedented control and flexibility, allowing them to set prices, viewing format (stream or download), and geographical availability, all while retaining full ownership of their work. Moreover, filmmakers can tap into Vimeo’s growing audience of over 100 million monthly unique visitors across a full spectrum of connected devices, including desktop, phone, tablet, connected TV, and game consoles, all in full HD. Since making its debut in March, Vimeo On Demand has built a global catalog of over 2,000 titles.
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