Capcom had great news to announce at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the company released a trailer for the upcoming RPG ‘Deep Down’. It was Capcom’s very own Yoshinoro Ono, that unveiled the trailer earlier today (Monday) showing the fantasy RPG for the first time.
Taking place in 2094, the game has a medieval style, a large memory mechanic will allow players to learn the “memories” of certain items. Of course many of the game’s details are still being kept secret at this time. We predict it will be like Jeff Goldblum’s powers in ‘Vibes’, but without Cyndi Lauper (any 1988 sci-fi fans?).
The game will be a new online multiplayer RPG, containing automatically generated maps, complete with enemies and special-equipment that will dynamically change. The PS4 release date was also confirmed earlier today, the console will hit Japan in February, 2014.