Any video that shows more of the upcoming Xbox One dashboard is sure to cause excitement. The new video that was leaked this weekend was from YouTube user Jackson Carter. The video shows more of the Xbox One Dashboard that will be hitting family rooms later in November.
The video shows the beta that is currently taking place behind closed doors. The video also shows a bit of the highly anticipated title ‘Ryse’ and a bit of the Xbox One hardware itself. You only get about two-minutes of footage with the video, and you can bet that more videos will leak now that this video has become so popular.
Although still in beta, it shows what the dashboard currently looks like, some of the great multitasking options that will come with the Xbox One and switching from game to dashboard. As you can guess, the video will most likely be pulled so check it out before it’s too late. The Xbox One continues to beat pre-order records, even as the console becomes harder and harder to get.
You can still pre-order the console at sites like Amazon, the retailer is promising to fill orders as they come in. If you are expecting to pick one up this November or this holiday, prepare to search if you don’t pre-order.
more info: amazon/xboxone