If you are an avid gamer, or frequent visitor of gaming news sites, then odds are you know that there is a new Xbox coming out in November called the Xbox One. Now you may know every detail, feature, game and date that has Microsoft has thrown at the press, but there is still a giant part of the population that may not be as up to date as you are, and Microsoft wants them to know about the entertainment side of the Xbox One.
These are the weekend warriors, the part-time gamers, the parents or the older brothers. Traditionally console manufacturers have sought after the coveted 14-32 demographic of formerly male-only gamers, but times and features are changing. In a world that streams all of its television shows, movies and media, the Xbox One and PS4 can start branching out, and Microsoft’s new NFL promotion is the perfect pitch to grab the audience that may have been left out of the news-blitz.
As an editor, I’ve been surprised to read articles on gaming sites that have titles like “First Xbox One TV Spot Forgets About Games“. Of course they did, if you think there is one gamer on the planet that needs reminding, or to be told that a new Xbox is coming out, then you are seriously mislead. These are great sites too, and the fact that Microsoft is marketing to another demographic shouldn’t be a confusing spot.
Microsoft has informed the gaming population, they are covered. Sure come around Holiday 2013, they will have to boost some features, show some sparkle and make a final push for the fence-dwellers, but until then there is a lot of money to made by the other-side of gaming. The weekend warriors tend to have extra income, they tend to subscribe to online services like Netflix and Hulu, and are perfect candidates for Xbox Live. I’m actually shocked Sony hasn’t jumped on this ship yet, because my fellow mid-twenties to early thirties brethren will have, or already have kids, and if there’s an Xbox One in the house, then that’s what they’ll play.
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