Google made a strong push to provide a OS that exists entirely online, the company’s latest operating system and netbook was the first major installment towards an entirely online experience, one that not everyone was ready for. This week marked the fifth anniversary of Google Chrome, the company’s highly praised browser that quickly rocketed past its competitors for a large share of the market.
Chromebook-App-InsertA new Chrome App launcher isn’t exactly a Chrome app at all, it’s a desktop application created to manage and work with your Chrome Applications. These Chrome Applications have been a bit of a confusing genre, most of them aren’t exactly apps at all, if you have a PC or a Mac, then installing them creates shortcuts to regular websites. (Facebook for example, is just a link to Facebook). That’s because the majority of them were designed for Google’s popular Chromebook.
The problem with the Chromebook is actually it’s intended design, everything works online only. That’s a great idea in an internet ready ecosystem, but some people still work offline, and that’s the point of the new application launcher and apps from Google.
These new apps will bring online and offline functionality. They work much like a smartphone would, allowing you to work and save your data, and upload or download when you can. The apps were designed to work with the cloud, allowing you to work offline then synch across devices, or update and backup when the internet is once again available.
Apps like Pixlr Touch Up for photo editing and the popular Wunderlist to-do app are the stars of the application launcher at the moment, but more are on their way. Although this is designed to bring offline functionality tt Chromebooks, both Macs and PCs can use the application, if you have the Chrome Browser installed.
The Chromebook from Samsung is still one of Amazon’s bestselling laptops, it’s light and at $249 it’s cheaper than tablets, and although it doesn’t have a hard drive (everything runs and stores online) it’s a remarkably fast and easy to use machine.
You can get more information on the Chromebook from Samsung below, or download the Chrome App Launcher and test it yourself.
more info: google/chrome,amazon/chromebook