If you have been eagerly awaiting the release of Ubisoft’s new title Watch Dogs, then this 14-minute gameplay trailer should hold you over for the next few weeks before the game’s official release. Taking place in a gigantic open-world, will assume the role of Aiden as he tries to take down corruption.
The trailer also features a bit of the multiplayer, though most players are probably looking forward to the large single-player campaign that the game offers, it never hurts to get an idea of what lies ahead in the multiplayer side. The trailer was released earlier today (Wednesday). Ubisoft is offering the game in a multitude of editions, including the Limited Edition which comes with a wide-array of special content. Players that pick up that edition will get the game, a Collectable Steel Book game case and Official Watch_Dogs Soundtrack, an Aiden’s iconic Vigilante Mask with the symbol for interconnectivity emblazed on the front, a 9″ in Statue of Aiden Pearce ready to exact revenge with his phone in hand and a Hardcover Art Book with 80 pages of concept art that lets fans explore the Watch-Dogs vision of Chicago.
You can check out all the editions, pictures and the limited edition pack by checking out the official product page on sites like Amazon below.
more info: amazon/watchdogs