It shouldn’t surprise anyone that has read Liane Moriarty’s novel ‘The Husband’s Secret,’ that a film studio has acquired the rights to the novel and intends to take it to the big-screen. The novel is doing incredibly well, and CBS Films has picked up the rights. The novel was only published back in July under Amy Einhorn Books and has already graced numerous best-selling list and is a strong recommendation from almost every digital publishers in the market.
The-Husbands-Secret-InsertThe novel is a touching story that follows three women, all of their lives are changed when one woman opens a letter written from her late husband, prior to his death. “This is a book that is being read and passed on to friends by women of all ages,” stated CBS Films Co-President Terry Press, who then added, “The characters and story have evoked strong critical and reader reactions and we are thrilled to translate that to the big screen.”
If you haven’t read the novel, or would like to read more about the story, we highly recommend doing so below. The novel is currently on sale (when this article was written) and you can browse the novel online. You can checkout the official product page on both Amazon and iTunes below.
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