Andrew-Gross-No-Way-Back-InsertA new Imagine TV project will bring a television-series adaptation of the 2013 Andrew Gross novel ‘No Way Back’ to ABC. The story centers around two women, who partner together to undertake a series of dangerous quests to save one-another, and is headed to ABC if everything goes according to plan.
A pilot for the show has already been scheduled, the book was a bestseller, written by popular author Andrew Gross (link below). The two woman are connected by a singular crime, one woman is allegedly framed and the other is fighting to clear her name. Of the two woman, one is a former police-officer turned suburban mom, the other from Mexico with a sorted past. Jessica Sharzer, co-executive producer on FX’s American Horror Story, will write and executive produce the series.
This was Gross’ latest novel, he has also written ’15 Seconds’, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and ‘The Blue Zone’. More information on Gross’ other works and the original novel that this series will be based on can be found below on Amazon’s official product page.
more info: amazon/nowayback