Microsoft has detailed its plans to offer NFL and sports-related content on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, the Microsoft Surface and other Windows devices. Offering “personalized destinations” Microsoft hopes to bring shows, games, stats and news together, offering content across a multitude of devices for players. The company plans to start “connecting fans with other fans through intuitive TV experiences such as Skype and fantasy sports, and delivering a whole new way to watch live TV.”
Through a partnership with the NFL Microsoft will provide exclusive interactive NFL experiences for fans at home with Xbox One, and it will use Microsoft Surface devices and services to evolve the in-game, sideline experience for medical staff, officials and the NFL staff in the stadium. Microsoft also announced that this season, the company will be adding Fantasy Football to Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Microsoft also confirmed that “Later this year, we are launching a new ESPN experience for Xbox One that builds upon our innovative history with ESPN on Xbox 360, providing sports fans with the breadth of all ESPN networks and Web content, tailored just for them.”
The NFL on Xbox One Details as Described by Microsoft:

  • •  A personalized destination. Tailor your experience for your team from the best content the NFL has to offer, including, NFL Network and NFL RedZone.
  • • Fantasy Football. Xbox is the best place to track your Fantasy Football team, and Xbox One delivers an integrated experience so you are up to date on all the analysis, highlights, news, stats, scores and standings.
  • •  A new way to experience live TV. Xbox One reimagines the way you experience live TV. With the Snap feature, you can watch live games and track your fantasy team, or the latest scores and stats, at the same time.
  • •  Connected. Sports are best when fan-to-fan heckling can commence. The NFL on Xbox One will connect fans through Skype, curated Twitter feeds and Fantasy Football, ensuring that no win or loss is left unmentioned.

The NFL on Xbox One will be available in November 2013.
ESPN on Xbox One. ESPN on Xbox One curates the best ESPN content just for you.

  • •  Favorites. Deeper personalization with your account means you can customize your ESPN experience to the teams and sports you care about most.
  • •  Scores. Personalized scores and stats work with Snap or full-screen mode.

ESPN on Xbox One will be available in November 2013. Fantasy Football on Xbox 360. When the NFL season kicks off on Sept. 5, Xbox 360 will be there to offer a new way to track your Fantasy Football team and league – on your TV. A destination awaits that is easy to access, is personalized with the fantasy scores and updates you need, and brings the best of the NFL’s fantasy analysis and highlights right to the best screen in your house.

  • • Your fantasy highlights. We know your Fantasy Football team is serious business, and to perform your best the analysis and news has to be intuitive and easy to find. Xbox 360 brings together the highlights and analysis for your Fantasy Football team into one, easy-to-access place – your TV – to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.
  • • Fantasy league tracking. The Xbox 360 app provides real-time fantasy stats, scores, matchup updates and league standings for up to six of your fantasy leagues. Fantasy Football on Xbox 360 will be available starting Sept. 3, 2013.
The NFL on Surface and Windows. Surface is on the sidelines with the NFL to help protect your favorite players, and in your living room to keep you connected to the latest game stats, social networks, email and messaging. Surface tablets will not only be in the hands of medical staff, officials and the NFL staff this season, but you will also see Surface branding included on the instant replay hoods and communication carts at every game. In addition, Fantasy Football apps will be available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 so fans can track their fantasy teams on the go.
Sideline App

  • •  X2. Concussion injuries are taken very seriously by the NFL doctors and players. The season is started by taking a baseline evaluation of each player, and, as injuries occur on the field, the X2 app for Surface helps doctors assess the level of injury. Players can answer a series of questions immediately after an injury takes place and then again later to determine if it is safe for the player to take the field. Fantasy Football for Windows 8

  • •  The official Fantasy Football app is the ultimate fantasy companion on the go, with features including Live Scoring, Player News and Windows 8 Game Center, which shows the matchup score in real time and enables you to view videos of key scoring moments during the game. Fantasy Football for Windows Phone

  • • This Windows Phone 8 app allows you to track your Fantasy Football team, team headlines, scores and schedules.

The Fantasy Football for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app is available now.
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