It seems that there are millions of people that are excited to see Scarlett Johansson as a sexy alien-stalker. The upcoming film ‘Under the Skin’ features a darker Johansson as an alien traveling through Scotland. The film is being directed by Jonathan Glazer, the same director of ‘Sexy Beast’ and ‘Birth’. Although Johansson is an alien, the alien chose the very popular form of Scarlett’s human frame as its host.
Traveling through Scotland, the alien preys on men, seducing them and eventually killing them. There are a lot of men today that might share this fantasy with ScarJo. The movie is an adaptation from the very popular novel by Michael Faber (link below).
Although the film wasn’t received too well at the recent Telluride Film Festival, we are going to say that the intent of this film was for a very specific demographic and we will wait to hold our tongue before the film is shown to a broader audience.
Fans of sci-fi and ScarJo can see the film when it debuts on August 29, 2013.
more info on original novel: amazon/undertheskin