It seems that even in his native homeland, Justin Bieber can’t catch a break. Last month members of Bieber’s crew were investigated on assault allegations stemming from a tussle at a nightclub, now Justin himself was assaulted while making the rounds at a Toronto nightclub.
Justin-Bieber-InsertTelling E! news one of the guests at the event stated that Justin, “went down to the dance floor to chat with some pretty girls…when he made his way to the other side of the room he was attacked.” Bieber was apparently restrained by his associates at the event during the incident, the attacker was then physically removed from the scene. Worse yet, it was later discovered that the attacker appears to have stolen one of Bieber’s gold chains in the incident.
After finishing the evening at the club, Justin and crew went to leave, a member of the Bieber security team approached the management to find more information on the alleged assailant that was removed earlier but he was nowhere to be found and most likely was as far away as possible at the time. The security team member stated, “a guy in a red shirt stole one of Bieber’s gold chains he was wearing.” He was never seen again, and hopefully never will be.