Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch images leak ahead of this week’s reveal

Samsung has been able to keep a tight lid on the exact look of its highly anticipated smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, for sometime now. Today though it seems that images of a working model have been leaked to the internet, showing what can be expected as close to the final design of the product. The new device will be officially revealed on Wednesday, Sept. 4, in Berlin.
For the past few weeks sketches, mockups and estimated designs are all that interested parties could go on, but today new images of the device have hit the internet for the whole world to see. This comes at a crucial time for the smartwatch industry, all of the leading hardware designers are expected to debut their new, or first, versions of their devices this year including designs from Apple, Google, Sony and of course one of the pioneers of the industry Pebble.
The image above was uploaded from Venturebeat, showing a working prototype that was lent to developers and other select partners. Exact details on the smartwatch functions won’t be made official until September 4, 2013.