Sunday Times publishes giant spoiler for Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy

Bridget-Jones-Mad-About-CoverWay to ruin everything Sunday Times in the U.K., we will give you a moment to think before reading on, as we are going to report on the subject. If you haven’t heard, just get the link at the bottom and read the book as fast as you can before the world fills you in.
With that out of the way let’s talk about what the Sunday Time did. In an extract printed in the U.K.’s Sunday Times, the publisher has spoiled a major plot-point about the upcoming novel ‘Mad About the Boy’. In the new story, the lovable Bridget Jones will be single again, only this time it’s because of a death. Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth in the first two movies and the true-love to Bridget Jones, will die in the new novel. We aren’t sure how exactly the death will occur in Mad About the Boy, but we will know in a few days when the book is released on October 10, 2013.
In the new book Jones will be 51, she will now be a mother of two and dating a 30-year-old boy toy named Roxter. The two met on Twitter (something new to the series since the last two novels were written) and meet up just five years after Darcy’s death.
We can only hope that Firth will reprise his role, Zellweger is expected to return for the third film as well, though nothing has been confirmed at this point. If you need more Bridget Jones in your life, the stage musical from director Stephen Daldry with music by Lily Allen is currently under production as well.
We suggest pre-ordering your copy and reading it as fast as possible before anymore secrets are revealed.
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