Batman Arkham Origins DLC detailed Initiation, how Bruce Wayne trained

If you are a devoted Batman fan, then we don’t have to tell you how Bruce Wayne trained under Kirigi, but you probably never got a chance to play through the experience. Now you can, thanks to the Initiation DLC that will be offered through Batman Origins this year.
The DLC will allow players to live through Bruce Wayne’s training, under Kirigi, who of course also trained Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Assassins. The news was announced earlier this week by the game’s producer Guillaume Voghel at the Eurogamer Expo.
There will be a new difficulty mode as well, this one called I Am The Night, and it will only be made available to players that first finish a NewGame+ and can prove that they have truly mastered the game (aka Batman). This is when the transformation to Batman will be complete, and players will then earn the title of Batman’s iconic catch-phrase.
This of course means that you will have to beat the game three times at least. If we remember the previous installments correctly, that’s about how many times we went through the game to Platinum the title the first time, so true-followers shouldn’t have a hard time with that decision. The game is only days aways at this point, scheduled to release on October 25, 2013.
pro tip: If you pre-order the game, then you will get the Playable Deathstroke DLC, and Amazon will give you $10 pre-order credit as well (perfect for those November games that will be released). More info can be found