Once Upon a Time fans have a lot to look forward to as season 3 premieres this week. The true-fan of all things magic and wonder should be checking out the soon-to-be-released companion book ‘Once Upon a Time- Behind the Magic,’ because it is just what the doctor ordered. Filled with behind-the-scenes info on everything from costume design to special effects, and never-before-released cast interviews, this book provides key explanations behind the origins and stories behind each of the shows’ many intriguing characters and what makes them tick.
The book was released under Titan Publishing, a group that has made so many of the companion series that we have loved in the past. From games to movies, to comics and television, we have made countless of these companion apps and collectables a permanent part of our office decor.
As we look forward to the ominous Neverland-bound happenings of season 3, the greatest thing about this book is the collection in in-depth season 2 episode guides. Marginal tidbits like ‘Introducing,’ featuring the names of new characters introduced into each episode, and ‘Did you notice?’, highlighting facts about episodes, like the first time Emma calls Snow and Charming “Mom” and “Dad,” bring back the previous season and prepare the reader for the drama to come.
One of the most intriguing parts of the book is the Making of Magic ‘Props Feature’ which provides stories on the concept, design and ultimate functionality of the props that the OUAT audience has come to recognize, and that have become key characters in and of themselves. The story behind the Mad Hatter’s Hat is especially interesting, as this prop has to function as everything from a fashion accessory to a portal to another world. The costume designers partnered with a milliner to make this happen, and in total built about 20 hats. Just one of the million of facts that I will ‘matter-of-factly’ state to my friends as we view season three together.

Another behind-the-scenes bright spot is the interview with fan favorite, Colin O’Donoghue known for playing the villainous yet lovable Captain Hook. Although viewers were only introduced to Hook at the beginning of season 2, he easily sailed his way into their hearts with his quick wit and expertly applied guyliner. Fans of the show will especially enjoy Colin’s insights into the Emma/Hook relationship, which remains a will-they-or-won’t-they romantic possibility as we move into the new.
Season 3 of OUAT kicks off tonight on ABC with The Heart of The Truest Believer, where we find Emma and family (and Hook) arriving in Neverland to attempt to rescue Henry, while baby-daddy Neal makes his way into the enchanted forest. The book releases on October 1st, but we are giving away copies until then. If you are interested in joining in and getting a gigantic copy for yourself, just like the status. below

If you don’t want to chance it, and be one of the first people to get the new companion book, you can pre-order it on Amazon (it’s even on sale when this article was written). You can check out all the official details below.
more info: amazon.com/ouat