Breaking Bad is just everywhere you look, and SNL wasn’t going to let one of television’s biggest moments (the season finale of Breaking Bad) be left out of the season premiere. Making a surprise visit to the set, was none other than Aaron Paul himself.
Hosting the premiere was the lovable Tina Fey, in the opening skit it was Paul that played “Jesse from New Mexico” during a Q&A with President Obama’s (played by Jay Ferraro). In the skit Aaron stated, “I had this friend and he got sick. Like, cancer cancer sick. But because there wasn’t Obamcare, he couldn’t afford treatments. So he was like, backed into a corner.” He then continued, “So, he did what any of us would have done. He started cooking meth. And soon it wasn’t just meth. It was murder. And not regular murder. Like—he blew half a guy’s face off.” It was then Obama said “I think we can wrap this up.”

Paul took the time to ask the crowd if they wanted to know what happened to this friend.. the crowd yelled “no!”. When the video goes live, we will add it here. The season finale of Breaking Bad airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.