Alanna-Mastrson-InsertAlanna Masterson is adding another top rated series to her growing resume, the actor has already appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and Greek, and will be joining AMC’s The Walking Dead. The actor will have a recurring role in the highly anticipated fourth season of the show. She is then expected to become a series regular in season five. AMC did not confirm her exact role in the series, as the story for the fourth season is guarded closely to prevent any leaks to the plot.
As of right now you can expect Masterson to appear somewhere in the middle of the series, another human that has survived the infectious outbreak of the world. The growing rumor on the internet after it was confirmed that Masteson would be appearing on the series is that The Walking Dead is bringing onboard e Tara Chalmers (the character from the original comic books) though that has not been confirmed at this time.