Bill-OReilly-insertAgree with him or not, Bill O’Reilly has a lot things going his way. His series of books have been bestsellers in the past and his latest installment ‘Killing Jesus: A History’ is skyrocketing up the charts this week.
In a recent interview to promote his book, Bill O’Reilly stated that it was God who told him to write “Killing Jesus: A History.” Bill O’Reilly is of course a prominent installment on Fox News but this interview was with CBS on the program “60 Minutes”.
O’Reilly explained that he awoke one night with the book’s title on his mind, it was because of this sudden burst of inspiration that O’Reilly believes that it was a message from the Holy Spirit, or God according to a report from the AP. The book is being sold as a historical account of Jesus, although much of the book tries to remain factual, it can be hard for readers to separate documented accounts (outside of the New Testament) with collaborating historical records. That is the purpose of the book however, despite that God may or may not have inspired O’Reilly to write the accounts.
The interview in question will air with Norah O’Donnell as the 46th-season premiere of “60 Minutes” this Sunday evening. The book is already available from Henry Holt and Co., “Killing Jesus” can be found on iTunes and Amazon below.
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