Kindle-Fire-HDXEarlier this week Amazon announced the new Kindle Fire HDX, an incredibly powerful tablet loaded with Amazon features at an amazingly low price. Hidden away amongst the announcements however are some truly fantastic features that only Amazon is offering, and it’s something that Apple and Google will have to tackle to in the future.
The largest of the features is the ability to watch Prime Instant Videos offline, a feature that no other tablet has, and something that is not only functional but incredibly smart for Amazon. The kindle Fire series has always been more of an entertainment tablet, not as efficient for day-to-day office work, but exceptional for streaming entertainment, checking emails, going online and handling all of your social media. The Kindle Fire HDX takes all of that a step further, offering a faster processor, a gorgeous new screen, and new Prime integration and help-functionality that other tablets are not offering now.
As for the screen the HDX offers a terrific pixel density. The specs are (1920×1200 at 323 ppi for 7”, 2560×1600 at 339 ppi for 8.9”) noth offer perfect color accuracy, reduced glare, dynamic image contrast, and improved brightness for better viewing in any lighting conditions. You can compare that to the iPad Mini which only boasts (1024-by-768 resolution at 163ppi, or the Google Nexus 7 at 323ppi).
So now that you know that all of your HD content will look fantastic, it’s important to know how it will run. It was important to Amazon as well, it packed the Powerful quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.2 GHz (3x the processing power compared to the previous generation, plus the latest graphics engine and 2x more memory). Amazon took the title of creating the first tablet with a processor over 2 GHz. The new tablet is as light as it is efficient, only 13.2 ounces, making the 8.9” Kindle Fire HDX the lightest large-screen tablet, and 34% lighter than the previous generation.
All of these performance upgrades run the Fire OS 3.0, the new operating system designed for the new tablet line. This helps run all of the exclusives that I mentioned earlier like X-Ray for Music, Cloud Collections, Goodreads, and more.
You will probably hear a lot about the “Mayday Button” over the next few weeks, a new revolutionary live tech support. With one touch it will connects you to an Amazon expert who can guide you remotely through any feature. No other tablet (and not even desktops) offer that kind of support so easily. The feature is available 24×7, 365 days a year, and it’s free. 15 seconds or less is the Mayday response time goal. That means the day before Christmas, your email stops working, you can get someone to help you correct it, that’s amazing.
With 11 hours of mixed use and 17 hours of reading the HDX improved the battery as well. All new software like email, calendar, and the Silk web browser are smoother and faster than ever thanks to the new OS.
“It’s been just two years since we introduced the first Kindle Fire, and the team is innovating at an unbelievable speed,” said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO. “2.2 GHz processor, 339 ppi display, new 34% lighter design, Fire OS 3.0, and new exclusive features like the Mayday button, X-Ray for Music, Second Screen, and Prime Instant Video downloads. We’ve worked hard to pack this much hardware, innovation, and customer obsession into these prices.”
I spoke earlier about the ability to download Prime Instant Videos on Kindle Fire HDX so you can watch them anywhere and for a good reason. Yes you can “rent movies” and download them to your device on other tablets, but this is the only U.S. online subscription streaming service that enables offline viewing—on a plane, on vacation, and anywhere else where you may not have Wi-Fi as part of your subscription. This means the tens of thousands of Prime Instant Videos are now available for download on Fire HDX. It’s all part of Prime, and if you don’t have it, then you can try it out for 30 days for free.
This will be a major factor in how tablets and streaming subscriptions are viewed in the future. Amazon is offering something that no one else can at the moment, thanks to its amazing Prime functionality, and it should be a feature that Apple and Google should be looking into, though it will be harder since they don’t have the same in-house streaming features as Amazon.
On top of all of these features, and countless others that anyone looking to buy a tablet should look into, the tablet is one of the cheapest on the market. The 7” Kindle Fire HDX is $229 while the the 4G version is $329. The larger 8.9” Kindle Fire HDX is $379 and the 4G version is $479. It’s an impressive lineup to say the least.
you can pre-order today to reserve your place in line below and it will begin shipping December 10.
more info: amazon/KindleFire HDX