Instant replays are usually terrific, and if it’s a penalty you can bet everyone wants to put their two-cents in and play referee for a moment. Now thanks to a undisclosed sum, the NFL will be pumping-out those instant replays on Twitter, making instant conversations with every Tweet.
The National Football League is usually very careful when dealing out anything attached with its brand, but the company will allow in-game video highlights, along with other content, to be directly shared on Twitter. All of this stems from reports by The WSJ that reports single NFL team will be responsible for sending out their specific content. This means that teams will now have to start supplying a lot of content (on field and off) for each week that they are playing (that’s why we call them Tweetleaders).
It’s not a coincidence that this comes just days before Twitter is set to go public, the deal with the NFL is surely to add a few more dollars when the initial public offering goes live. This will include both the regular NFL season and the playoffs, so expect a lot of content to pop-up the closer your team gets to the Superbowl.
Also in the report is an undisclosed “eight-figures” sum that the NFL and Twitter have already secured by adding advertisements with this content. In the report Verizon was specifically named to be leading in that department.