In a few days millions of Americans will be looking into get new Health care, a topic topic that many of could use some further instructions on. Luckily there are online tools that make it much easier to navigate what your costs will be, as well as your options.
The best tool in place right now is below, it is from the Kaiser Group and really breaks down the low-cost option and simply explains what will works best in your situation. The official name isn’t Obamacare of course, it’s the Affordable Care Act. The non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation really did a fantastic job on the tool and we wanted to share it with our readers so you can have the best information moving forward.
The tool covers individuals and families, if your job offers insurance or if it doesn’t, and what paying for coverage in 2014 will look like. Just enter the simple information below, things like zip code, annual income and age, nothing personal or confidential, and nothing is stored or sent anywhere.

Hope that helps readers, if you have any questions please let us know.