Soon Batman: Arkham Origins will be released and players all around the world will be taking up the cowl and cape to fight crime. The latest trailer that was released for the highly anticipated title is for the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, this is a special DLC pack that will be made available to users who pre-order the game.
The pre-order bonus is part of authorized retailers. If you pre-order from Amazon then you will get two bonuses. First you will get you The Batman Arkham Origins Playable Deathstroke DLC (Deathstroke DLC for Xbox 360 and PS3 orders only). Then you will get a $10 Amazon credit. Not bad considering all you have to do is pre-order a game that you would like anyway.
Batman: Arkham Origins launches on Octover 25 for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.
more info: amazon/batmanarkhamorigins