Bryan-Cranston-InsertThe final season of HIMYM has finally started, and if you were wondering if ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston would get a chance to come back, worry no more, he will return. CBS has confirmed that Cranston will return in the sitcom’s final season to play Ted’s (Josh Radnor) former boss Hammond Druthers. This will be a reprising role for Cranston, he was on the show earlier in 2007.
It was none other than CBS itself that broke the news, taking to Twitter earlier today (Wednesday) with the hashtag “#BreakingMother. This will be Cranston’s third episodes of How I Met Your Mother, though he was last on the show before his epic series Breaking Bad took to AMC. The Breaking Bad series finale Sunday is set for September 29, 2013.
Cranston’s next projects include Godzilla and Cold Comes the Night. Other returning stars to HIMYM include Wayne Brady and John Lithgow.