The Giver starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites opens in Aug.

The-Giver-InsertThe Weinstein Co. has confirmed the release date for the film adaptation of the Lois Lowry’s novel ‘The Giver’. The film will star Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Brenton Thwaites. The Phillip Noyce’s sci-fi epic is now set to release on August 15, 2014.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise, The Weinstein Co. had tremendous success this year with their film ‘The Butler’, and it seems that the company is hoping to strike gold twice. Fans of the novel shouldn’t need a refresher, but if you are new to the story it centers around a dystopian society, with a facade of perfect peace. In this place there is no hunger, no wars, no hatred or disease. Starring in the film is young Thwaites, his character is the young boy selected service as the ‘Receiver of Memories’ under The Giver (played by Bridges). As an old man the Giver teaches the boy to use his gifts.
Opposite this scenario is Streep, playing the role of society’s Chief Elder, and the one who assigns tasks. The Giver was set with a budget of around $25 million, with Vadim Perelman writing the adapted script and Michael Mitnick finishing draft.
Of course the original novel is a timeless classic, the YA novel can be found below (on sale) and is one of the principal novels usually assigned to children.
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