Kim-Kardashian-birthdayThe reality series star and new mom, Kim Kardashian, will be guest starring on an episode of ‘American Dad’ when the show picks up later this month. It has been confirmed that Kim Kardashian will play an alien, that crashed to Earth only to fall in love in Roger, and will be in at least one episode.
FOX stopped short of confirming when the episode will play, though it is likely that it will be towards the end of the season. The series is picking up a lot of new characters for the new season (most of them female) the list includes Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde, Stanley Tucci and Alison Brie. We would complain, but can you ever complain about too much Alison Brie or Stanley Tucci? The answer is no. “American Dad,” is of course the creation of Seth MacFarlane, the series is set to returns on September 29, 2013.