It seems that FOX TV as acquired the rights to move forward on the highly anticipated series ‘Gotham’. The rights have been at auction for the past few months, with final reports coming in tonight (Tuesday). The rights were acquired from Warner Brothers TV, with Warner Brothers Pictures of course behind all of the Batman films.
Behind the series is The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller pinned with a series commitment. The series will follow Commissioner James Gordon, so don’t expect Batman to appear anytime soon. Deadline first reported the bidding success. The series will play out as an origin story for the Commissioner, and many of the iconic villains in the franchise. In the new series Gordon won’t be Commissioner yet, he will begin the journey as a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department.
There is no world on what villains will make an appearance, though the Joker is the most likely at this point. Also, there is no word on if, or when, Batman will ever become part of the series (though his parents might appear). Fans that know their comic history should know that Commissioner James Gordon first appeared in 1939, at the start of the first Batman comic-book.